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Ignite your fire for further learning

By Dr. Vandana Katyal on February, 28 2019
Dr. Vandana Katyal

Orthodontist | Speaker | Author | Entrepreneur

Earlier this year, we sat down with MBA Graduate Dr Vandana Katyal, as she kindly tells us about her experience whilst studying the MBA Innovation and Leadership. 


Dr Katyal runs her own orthodontics practice which in itself is a very time-intense profession. Remarkably, Dr Katyal also finds time to teach a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Orthodontics - which makes the fact that she managed to complete her MBA in one year even more impressive!

"I chose Ducere because of its online nature and components focusing on Innovation and Leadership. Something that most executives of today need in their daily grind."

It's probably worth mentioning at this point that Vandana has been accepted into Stanford University's Design Thinking Bootcamp which is about to commence in March 2019.

This is no mean feat. Stanford is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world, and the founding institution of Design Thinking. The rigorous application process included a panel interview and is a highly selective. Congratulations Vandana!

Let's get into it...

1. Upon reflection of your MBA, do you feel that you'd approach business differently now?

The MBA has given me so much insight into not just the world of business but also innovation and entrepreneurship. The opportunities abound with businesses now moving into digital age and big data analytics. 

2. How did you find working with groups on industry projects?

I had the feeling of immense satisfaction and pride every time I delivered an assignment or industry project! Coming from dentistry background every business concept was like opening another new door for me. The team projects were the best - real problems for industry that were current! 

"What this MBA did was really ignite my fire for further learning and teaching these business skills to others. Sharing knowledge is my passion!"


3. What are some of skills that you've learned, and how are you hoping to apply them? 

So many to list and every division was applied to my businesses almost immediately. Some concepts that stood out for me was Design Thinking, Distributed leadership and new market creation using Blue Ocean strategy. I have immediately applied all these concepts in my two businesses that I lead. Every assignment was on my own companies which again gave me feedback from the academics to improve my areas of gaps/ find new ways of thinking.


4. Given you're experience, would you recommend degrees delivered by Ducere?

I would highly recommend Ducere and I am most likely to return if there was a follow up course of areas that interest me. The online nature was perfect for my busy schedules. The academics stayed connected with me throughout. The student support is also excellent. A highly innovative MBA for sure and no doubt that this school will lead Australian business studies in the future! 


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