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'Next Practice' not Best Practice

By Ducere Global Business School on March, 25 2019
Ducere Global Business School

"Remember, even a small ripple can have life changing influences … regardless of where it starts".

That is the philosophy of Ducere Academic and Director of 3 Pebbles, Kathy Lang. In February of this year, Kathy was invited to speak at the annual TEDxDocklands in Melbourne. 

Her superb 15 minute presentation encapsulates the evolution of memory education where in some cases, memory is not a luxury, it is a gateway to survival and sanity.

"There is no such thing as a bad memory, there is just a trained brain, and an untrained brain!" 
Kathy highlights the power that memory education has on the ability to lead your own learning, as well as unlocking the 'superhero' potential that everyone's brain has to offer... it just takes a little training!



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