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Setting sail with Ducere

By Ducere Global Business School on October, 26 2016
Ducere Global Business School

Ducere Global Business School graduate, Prue Webb, studied University of Canberra's Bachelor of Entrepreneurship while working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

While most students in Australia were enjoying their summer holidays, Prue was able to manage her fascinating career with her studies because of Ducere’s innovative approach to online learning.

The flexible courses, accredited by the University of Canberra, feature an impressive list of over 250 world leaders. Students are marked on practical, industry relevant assignments instead of exams. Prue, left her life behind in Melbourne, shared her story with us from St Barts, in the northeast of the Caribbean. 

“I enjoyed advertising, but I didn't feel entirely fulfilled or motivated working the daily grind & living life behind my emails. Working with high profile guests in a fast paced and ever-changing environment is definitely fulfilling for me.”

Her new outlook on life has inspired her to pursue her passion for entrepreneurship.

“It dawned on me that just because society told me I should go down a certain path, it's not necessarily the best, the most lucrative, or the most fun. It was for these reasons I looked into entrepreneurship and I am hoping I never look back!”

Prue commented that learning about entrepreneurship through Ducere has been a rewarding journey.

“What I like most about the course is that all the articles are very easy to read and relate to real life companies that I am familiar with.”

Prue Webb’s story is another example of the flexibility offered by Ducere’s business courses, making higher education accessible to practically anyone with a passion for business.


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