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Sitting down with Omar De Silva

By Ducere Global Business School on June, 2 2015
Ducere Global Business School

Ducere's new Bachelor's Degree Programs were launched yesterday. We sat down with Former Entrepreneurship and Innovation Lecturer at RMIT, and Head of Ducere's Bachelor's, Omar De Silva, to answer some important questions. Omar gave us a bit more of an insight into what the Bachelor's are all about.

In partnership with the University of Canberra, we’re offering four amazing online degrees:

  • Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Applied Social Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Applied Business in Management
  • Bachelor of Applied Business in Marketing

Both the Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship course provide students with groundbreaking, practical experience in which students build their own ventures as a key component of their course-work.

With the internet, it is now easier than ever before to launch your own business.

Who would this degree appeal to?

Ducere degrees are perfectly suited to anyone who wants to get more out of their professional lives. Whether that is breaking into the workforce, securing a promotion, or changing the world, Ducere programs are for those who want to get the most out of themselves.

Ducere degrees are suited to those that are busy enjoying life too. We understand there’s more to life than just work and study, and therefore these degrees allow individuals to get the best of both worlds.

No matter what other commitments are going on, Ducere programs can still be entirely achievable. Whether you are a stay-at-home-parent, aspiring entrepreneur or full-time student, Ducere degrees adapt to suit the individual.

Describe a typical day for a Bachelor’s student?

Students will start their day by logging on to their web learning platform, through their phone, tablet or laptop, and delve into our engaging learning material including animated videos and exclusive interview footage with our Global Faculty Leaders.

After understanding those various key concepts, students will then be able to explore the various tools and templates that are provided so they can develop their skills and understand how to apply what they’re learning to their professional lives.

The way our courses are designed means that students can learn something new, get inspired by someone incredible, and do something amazing for themselves, all within a couple of hours.

Students completing our courses can continue with the rest of their lives without being impacted by study, the biggest change being the way they look at the world and how they can get the best of themselves. Our courses are designed to educate and empower them to achieve things they never thought possible, in whatever it is they’re involved with.

What will students be doing during the course for assessment?

Our degrees really provide students the opportunity to engage with assessment tasks that are of interest and relevance to them and their passions. For example, they might be writing social media plans for a fashion label, developing an organisational structure for a nightclub, or developing a pitch plan to seek investment for a start-up. Whatever it is they’re learning, their assessment will be a combination of what they’re passionate about and what they’re trying to achieve.

What kind of real world experiences will students be involved in?

In our entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship degrees, students have the opportunity to start their own businesses – an amazing real world experience!

Aside from this, students will be involved in real business scenarios throughout the length of their studies. This may be a scenario they create for themselves through their own start-up, or through another organisation they’re associated with.

Everything they learn on their journey will be cemented in their memory through application and then achieving something of real value.

Beyond the business experience students get, they’ll also have the chance to attend exclusive events and engage with leading industry professionals. This means they’ll have the opportunity to build their own professional networks whilst they study. Beyond this it means they’ll have the opportunity to rub shoulders with some incredible people.

Ducere students will also become part of an exclusive network in which they can attend workshops, bootcamps and incubator programs, as well as social events and master classes with various industry leaders.

Ducere students don’t just get an education. They get an entire experience that will take them closer to their goals.

What is our Global Leaders Faculty and how can students learn from them?

Our Global Leaders Faculty is made up of over 250 of the most inspirational and successful people on the planet. There are self-made billionaires, former Presidents, Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize winners and Fortune 500 CEOs.
People like Julia Gillard, Dave McClure and Nolan Bushnell.

In every single topic that students engage with, they don’t just get the insights out of a textbook based on generic situations, instead, they get an insight from our leaders based on their own experiences. Students learn from leaders who are better positioned than anyone else to teach. They have done it all many times over, resulting in enormous success.

Imagine being able to start your own business or progress in your career with the insights of these people at your disposal!

Ducere are partnering with the University of Canberra to deliver our courses, what does that mean?

Ducere students are University of Canberra students. This means they get full access to all the facilities of the University including library resources, counselling and coaching support, as well as their formal qualification.

University of Canberra has a great record of producing graduates that go into high profile positions across Australia and these courses will be no different.

As we partner with University of Canberra, students not only get the best of our education, but they also get the value and benefits that come with a fully accredited university qualification.

What can a student expect to take away from their Bachelor’s Degree and where can their degree take them?

Students can do a number of things entirely dependent on their passions – this is what’s great. At the very least, they will enjoy a modern, relevant and useful curriculum that can be applied into the real world of today – as soon as they start studying. This means that they instantly become more equipped to deliver enormous value to their employers and the world.

Beyond this, students can also expect to gain exposure to some of the most incredible business leaders around, as well as networking opportunities that are usually exclusive to politicians and CEO’s.

For those entrepreneurial students, they can start their own businesses too! Imagine leaving university with a degree and a business.

How do you enrol in the course?

Students need to apply with the University of Canberra here. Minimum entry requirements apply with an ATAR of 60 or two years work experience.


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