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Take a break; it will increase your productivity

By Ducere Global Business School on March, 25 2014
Ducere Global Business School

There has been a lot of talk in the media about whether we’re truly disconnecting from work commitments when we go on leave and place our “Out Of Office” on.

Richard Moran, a San Francisco based business leader, writes:

“No one believes out of office status any more. No matter where we are, what we are doing, and whom we are with; we all sneak time to check and respond to email. Worse, we all expect others to do the same. No place is safe and no one believes that you are not checking emails, even whilst on vacation. It could be the tragedy of today’s workplace but it is the reality and it is not a good thing.”

We all need – and rightfully deserve – time to relax and shut off from the busy world that we have found ourselves inhabiting in 2014. Studies have proven that disconnecting makes us more productive when we do reconnect. If your work depends on being sharp, innovative, and industrious, then rid yourself of the guilt you’re feeling when you’re lying beachside with a martini. We need to take a break in order to replenish ourselves and in order to do this successfully we all need to get away both physically and mentally.

Employees and students are at risk of burning out due to being overworked, and sometimes underpaid. Time off allows people to regain their life perspective and return to their work and studies feeling inspired and motivated to achieve their goals.

If your next vacation is looking distant then make it your mission to take small breaks regularly. Go for lunch with a friend, or shut your office door and take a few deep breaths and disconnect from your emails and technology, and if those options sound near impossible, surf the Internet for ten minutes!


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