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The best form of charity is to get rid of charity

By Ducere Global Business School on February, 20 2014
Ducere Global Business School

The best form of charity is to get rid of charity – its a notion that takes two reads to digest and further information in order to produce understanding.
Founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson, has created a charitable arm, Virgin Unite, to make sustainable change through economic development towards tough social and environmental issues.

"If we can unite as many businesses as possible in this world to do that (take on a philanthropic attitude), I really do think we can get on top of most issues in this world"
– Richard Branson, Virgin Group

Similarly, Mat Jacobson believes that education is the key that unlocks the answer to poverty prevention. Education produces knowledge, and with knowledge comes power. Power to make the choice to control your own destiny and create a sustainable livelihood.

Ducere represents altruism at its best. The Ducere organisation's profits work to fund the philanthropic activities performed by the Ducere Foundation. Mat's vision it to create opportunities for learning, leading and growth for disadvantaged youth in African countries so that they can then be inspired to help others in their community.

With wealth comes enormous responsibility, and this is understood by both Mat and Richard.

What do you think companies can do to help eradicate pressing social and economical issues that the world is currently facing?




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