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Updates from the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative

By Ducere Global Business School on September, 26 2014
Ducere Global Business School

The 2014 Clinton Global Initiative, which has just wrapped up for another year in New York City, was a meeting of the minds dedicated to global change including Matt Damon, Leonardo Di Caprio, Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, among many more.

Philanthropist and founder of Ducere, Mathew Jacobson who was in attendance had the exciting task of launching their CGI Commitment to Action; a key part of Ducere's CGI membership and world first initiative that will be rolled out over the next 12 months.

"The event was incredibly uplifting for the community of social enterprises working to improve their world changing endeavours," Mr. Jacobson said.

"It was particularly encouraging for me to hear positive remarks from Leonardo Di Caprio and Secretary Hillary Clinton about the work that The Ducere Foundation is doing in Africa."

Under the theme of Reimagining Impact, the 2014 Annual Meeting sought to facilitate forward-thinking approaches that re-evision the way organisations and nations impact the world in areas of education, economics, climate change, health, urbanisation and women's rights.

Key take aways were from Ginni Rommety, President and CEO of IBM, who discussed the importance of organisations to be conscious of seeing progress every day and President of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim.

"Most of the problems we need to tackle don't require finding solutions. Almost always there will be a person out there, somewhere who has come up with a solution  to any given problem," Mr. Kim said.

"Instead of spending time trying to invent the solution find the people who already have the solution and get on with delivering it."

Finally, John Chambers CEO of CISCO mirroring Ducere's philosophy championed the merging of corporate and social interests.

"Countries where you have the best corporate social responsibility are where you also have the best business growth. There is a synergy between corporate and social objectives," Mr Chambers said.

For further information on CGI's recent conference please visit the Clinton Global Initiative.